About us


Whiterail Reviews was established in 2011 by CEO and founder Daniel Ostrov, recognized Tow Industry Marketing Expert. Recognizing the need to help towing companies take control of their online reputation he created the Whiterail Reviews software.

Whiterail Reviews capitalizes on opportunities to obtain positive feedback from satisfied tow customers and manage negative feedback privately from unsatisfied tow customers. Whiterail’s software integration addresses the serious issue of negative online towing reviews. In turn tow companies report increased revenue, improved operations, and customer and employee retention. Hundreds of Tow Companies across the US who were quick to adopt the integrated Whiterail software have seen on average an boost of 10% + in annual revenue.

Who is Using Whiterail Reviews:

Whiterail software integrates seamlessly with a variety of tow dispatch management software. Current adopters of the software include:

  • Tracker
  • Beacon
  • Omadi
  • TowXchange

How it works for you:

Whiterail makes reputation management simple and effortless with automated reporting, social sharing and the ability to integrate with almost any CRM, email system or social networking platform so that reviews just happen and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Every time a tow is closed out in your dispatch software, Whiterail automatically sends customers a feedback request via SMS text message asking them to please rate their experience. Happy customers are encouraged to share their reviews publicly on Google and Yelp. Unhappy customers are able to vent privately. This gives you the power to take control of your online reputation.

The operations management component of the software becomes a great way to hold staff accountable to their job and provides opportunities to set up incentive programs to motivate drivers and dispatchers to do a good job. Clients who have started these Incentive programs see a higher rate of driver retention and a higher level of job satisfaction.

Watch our demo now to see how Whiterail can help your business thrive.